Our Services

E-Tech provides support for every step of the way in building your home from site selection through completion and occupancy.

Our staff architect and interior designer can work closely with your own architect and interior designer or if you prefer, we can collaborate closely with you to provide an architect in your area or if none is available, custom design the complete structure in-house. E-Tech welcomes any new challenges to meet your personal needs. We have purchasing power that can be used to negotiate the best prices for selected energy efficient appliances and furnishings down to the final accessorizing of your home.

Our intention is take months out of what can be a very stressful time and make the creation of your home one of the most pleasant, interesting experiences you will ever have.

Introducing the Ecologic Collaborative (TEC)

Recognizing that most individuals wishing to build or remodel a structure are not trained to deal with the many disciplines necessary to deliver a completed energy efficient dwelling, a group of building professionals has structured a very unusual organization. The Ecologic Collaborative consists of a formal organization of independent owners of the various professional offices which cover the major disciplines necessary to plan and build a top quality, ecologically oriented structure. Each is committed to the highest standards of personal and professional ethics and the use of environmentally sensitive (Green) construction practices.

These collaborating independent professionals operate as a team so that the client receives top level talent and decision making in every aspect of the design-build process yet only has to deal with the team member(s) of his choice throughout the entire length of the project. Anyone who has ever gone through the alternative, potentially painful, expensive process of finding compatible professionals and then managing the process through to completion knows what a tremendous service that this collaborative, team-oriented structure provides.

This innovative organization permits a cohesive, integrated process which eliminates the typical time consuming and sometimes stressful relationship issues that can develop between unaffiliated construction specialties who really do not understand the full implications of building GREEN. As a result, the client receives a better quality, energy efficient structure at less cost, in less time and with far less hassle. Please do not hesitate to call on us if you would like to avail yourself of this service.