About Us

E-Tech Systems was formed for the specific purpose of bringing new material technology and construction systems to the home building industry. Since we are outsourcing all production and are not locked into factory overhead, if there is an advanced, proven new material or a more cost-effective way of constructing a home, we are committed to test and offer it.

Therefore, we have attracted a group of strategic allies who share our motives and we expect that other like-minded companies and individuals will be attracted to our cause. Out of this extraordinary affiliation of architects, engineers and manufacturing specialists will most certainly come a continuous series of new products and ways of creating quality dwellings.

To meet our performance standards, certain common characteristics must be inherent in the construction system and/or the material offered. Seven are:

  • 1 The component selected for each function must be totally sustainable. In other words, it must be easily disassembled and reconfigured, i.e. “repurposed” instead of being hauled to the dump if and when the home has outlived its usefulness. Each component is designed to last for eons as we offer only the best, maintenance free material to fit each need.
  • 2 Materials used for components must come from sources and processes that do not permanently harm the planet.
  • 3 Specific components must be manufactured using state-of-the-art methods so that costs can be minimized. Since our component method of construction lends itself to containerized shipping, our market is world-wide and as volume increases, with greater mass production of each engineered component, costs are continually reduced.
  • 4 Components must be easily assembled at the jobsite by easily trained workmen thereby dramatically reducing construction time and costs.
  • 5 The final dwelling must be able to meet the most stringent energy standards and offer the healthiest living conditions.
  • 6 The system must provide total flexibility of floor plan and aesthetic so that a talented designer is provided with additional choices to exercise creativity.
  • 7 An important bonus, E-Tech, as a metal-based system, the home created by utilizing our components is highly resistant to fires, earthquakes and hurricanes. Homes made of wood are highly susceptible to all natural disasters and insurance premiums are set according to potential risk.

The Timing Is Perfect For A Technologically Advanced Construction System

Old growth trees are almost depleted and lumber prices are rapidly escalating.

The construction materials industry is engaged in a rapidly evolving series of product innovations and construction changes necessary to meet new regulations and environmental concerns. Just as builders are being made aware of these new products and processes by extensive media coverage, the potential home buyer is also being simultaneously educated and is becoming more and more eager to find the enlightened builder who is willing to incorporate meaningful change. This is especially true of the environmentally concerned Millennial Generation which is now coming into income levels which can allow environmentally responsible home ownership.

However, one major obstacle to the Green Movement is the conventional home contractor. One of the causes of Builder resistance to technological change is because home builders have existing, proven material sources and workers trained to run a Skil saw and nail gun. Even though they are very aware that they must soon change or die, immediately abandoning a lifetime of doing something even though now completely obsolete is extremely difficult and so builders will continue to use such a method until sophisticated customers demand change.

Home building is the only major product category which still attempts to create a finished component at the home site where it then must be nailed together with total exposure to potentially hostile weather conditions including rain or snow which warps exposed wood. In such a system, it is almost impossible to maintain an efficient production schedule and/or a quality product. Time and material waste, accidents and assembly mistakes are inherent in the process and there is no way to avoid cost creep.

E-Tech Home Systems, Inc. is committed to the process of eliminating all building site product production except the rapid, fool-proof assembly of out-sourced, high quality components which assemble quickly to provide a dry inside workspace. This outsourced factory production method is used in all other major consumer product categories except Home Building. Other than learning how to run a screw gun, no construction site re-training is necessary.

Stick Building is environmentally irresponsible, is wasteful of expensive materials and produces a finished product which is compromised. Although potentially using materials that may be labeled “sustainable” the finished product is completely un-sustainable. The completed, stick-built home is difficult to maintain over its useful life and then is eventually impossible to repurpose so is bull-dozed and disposed of in a land fill.

Major builders know that the time is rapidly approaching when the public will not accept a costly, obsolete, environmentally irresponsible way of producing a compromised product. Unfortunately, many builders who are less aware will naturally resist change for as long as possible. It is the objective of E-Tech to help them do the right thing and, while delivering a better product, became more profitable by so doing.


To provide a complete range of Engineered Building Components that can be utilized by imaginative designers to create the highest quality, most energy efficient dwelling in the shortest possible time. In construction, time is money and so by eliminating antiquated construction methods, components are designed to be easily assembled so as to deliver a superior structure at a bargain price. By lowering long term maintenance and energy costs, delivering a superior living environment which will hold its value and command an above market price when and if sold.

Talented designers can use the E-Tech System components in hundreds of ways to create dwellings that can either blend into a neighborhood of traditional homes or can be quite unique and contemporary in appearance to fit the taste of the most demanding client.

Virtually unlimited sizes and configurations are possible for new structures or for adding to or updating existing buildings which have become inefficient or unsightly.

Everything about the E-Tech System is designed for maximum efficiency including energy usage, the elimination of wasted time and materials, and the lowest possible long term operating costs.

All System components are sustainable and easily re-purposed so an E-Tech structure is the Greenest of the Green.

Our intimate experience of the Paradise, CA fire

From Barry Rosengrant, CEO E-Tech Home Systems

We now know, personally, what folks have experienced emotionally, physically and financially when their homes have been destroyed by fire, especially when only having a few minutes warning by which to pack and escape.

Along with 26,000 other Paradise citizens, we lost our entire city and, so far, over 6,000 homes (including ours) in the Paradise Fire which, unfortunately, were built many years before the E-Tech Home System was created. With a metal frame, sidewalls and roof of metal along with fireproof insulation, we have every reason to believe that our home would still be standing along with all irreplaceable cherished personal photos, documents and other contents which we have spent a lifetime collecting.

Even if we were not completely biased about the E-Tech System, it is certain that our next place in which to rebuild our lives will be in an E-Tech home. This will be not only because of the home’s inherent resistance to earth quake, fire and other natural disasters, it will be because of the many, many other benefits that a wood structure simply cannot provide. Going forward, we are committed to do our best to provide a top quality alternative to now very outdated ways of home building.

For us, it took only a few minutes to change what before was only trying to imagine what it was like to go through such an experience for it to now become a very harsh reality.

The rebuilding process is now before us.

Barry R.