Welcome to E-Tech Home Systems

Welcome to <i><b>E-Tech</b></i> Home Systems

The above photos indicate the wide range of designs possible when creative architects use E-Tech components to meet their client’s aesthetic and functional requirements.


E-Tech ®Home Systems provides an integrated system of Engineered Components (international patents pending) that can be utilized by designers to create homes that provide benefits not available by using traditional construction methods and materials.

Energy Efficiency

An E-Tech structure is totally thermally enclosed.  Roof and floors units have integrated insulation and walls and windows are thermally broken. Thus very little energy is required to heat or cool. Almost all mechanical systems can be down-sized in a thermally enclosed structure. Energy costs are ever increasing so minimizing their need is going to be forever more and more important.


Traditional methods of construction generate dumpster after dumpster of construction waste and nailed together wood structures are almost impossible to economically repurpose. Thus, when change is needed, load after load of potentially good building material is sent to the landfill.

All E-Tech Engineered Components are totally sustainable. They are manufactured in highly efficient specialized factories where any production waste is recycled and each component arrives at the site ready for installation with practically zero waste generated. Of MAJOR significance, later on, all components can be easily disassembled and repurposed into other structures if and when change is appropriate. 

Factory Production of Engineered Components

Almost all complicated consumer products are now assembled in plants where outsourced components are brought together and packaged for shipment. This takes maximum advantage of mass production and specialization so that highly automated equipment can be afforded, costs minimized and quality control is exact.  With E-Tech, all Engineered Components are produced at carefully selected factories which specialize in a given technology. When a more technologically advanced component is invented, it can easily replace the module then being used.

Homesite Installation

Engineered Components arrive at the homesite by flatbed truck or in 40 foot shipping containers and no expensive cranes are needed to handle the components. Final assembly is made on the site by easily trained labor and since all components are pre-sized, construction mistakes and waste are eliminated and quality is tightly controlled. Instead of construction time taking months, only a few days are required for a weather-proof structure. Thus, all costs are minimized and superior quality is achieved.


A toxin-free environment with self-ventilation and filtered incoming fresh are vital for a healthy environment. Electro-Magnetic Pollution is now a major health issue and the E-SIP metal faced panel will very likely provide a shield from externally generated sources. A great deal of qualitative research is underway and we will respond accordingly.

Not only are we concerned with physical health, psychologically stimulating spaces can make a huge difference in one’s life. With E-Tech, one can produce soaring, spiritually uplifting spaces which can also have a direct effect on one’s physical well-being.

Our Engineered Building Components permit the creation of unique homes of the highest quality, the most energy efficient and in the shortest possible time.

International Design Patents are pending. For schematic details relative to your use on a specific project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please review comparative information herein. We promise it will be worth your while.

Thank you